Metamorphosis, The Story of Music Evolution in Nigeria

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A LIVE music and dance drama presentation about the evolution of music in Nigeria from the early ’50s to current contemporary Afro Hip Hop. It is a night of entertainment, good food and choice drinks for a select crowd. The vision is to produce a digital content for a global audience using kumoodi as the distribution channel. The show will be watched as a pay per view content, available only on . There will be a red carpet event preceding the show along with cocktails and finger foods on the house. The audience at the venue will be strictly by invitation and made up of influencers from the entertainment industry as well as corporate Nigeria. The online audience will be able to interact with themselves discussing the event as it streams around the world and therefore provide a strong immersion for the content. Subscribers can purchase livestream tickets on kumoodi to qualify to attend the events and win all sorts of giveaways such as airtime credit, phones, travel tickets etc.